SneakPeek Clinical Early Gender DNA Test

Castle Rock, Colorado

Early Baby Gender Test

Are you so curious what you are having?  SneakPeek is a simple blood draw completed in under a minute that will allow you to know the gender at just 8 weeks of gestation, next day!  Schedule your 5-minute appointment now and come on in. 

SneakPeak will guarantee next day results… with 99.9% accuracy.

We send your sample to SneakPeak which will guarantee next day results with 99.9% accuracy.  You may have seen the tests in the drug store that are completed with a finger prick.  Many times, these types of test are inaccurate because they are easily contaminated with male DNA.  If you want to find out the results by surprise you can designate anyone you want to receive the results.  If you want us to receive the results, we are more than happy to pack a bag with your favorite gender reveal supplies in the appropriate color so everyone can be surprised together. If you want accuracy and next day results, come on in!

  • Sneak Peek Castle Rock Colorado

  • Sneak Peek Gender Test Near Me

  • SneakPeek Castle Rock Colorado

  • SneakPeek Gender Test Near Me